How to arrange a viewing during Covid and beyond

You may have wondered if you are looking to move how to do I view properties in the lockdown and reduce the risk of Covid spreading. In this short post we will talk you through the current viewing process what is required and how we aim to try and keep everyone as safe as possible.

Assuming you have found the property or properties you would like to view; you make your enquiries with the estate agent. On our website or on the major portals we offer you the chance to do a virtual tour at your own leisure on the majority of our properties to allow you to shortlist your new home. You can see an example of one our tours here.

Once you have scrolled through the tour and realise you would like to arrange a physical viewing, you book your time in as you would normally. We send a you a confirmation email with the address and time of viewing, in this email will be a health assessment which is a short questionnaire on your exposure or lack of exposure to Covid. This is just to keep everyone safe and to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

The day has come for you to finally view the property, as with the majority of places we require you to wear a mask throughout the viewing. Prior to your arrival we open all the doors and anti bac the handles although we ask you to refrain from touching the doors and the surfaces to keep you save. If there are people living in the property we will ask them to leave the property for a short period of time again to minimise the risk to coming into contact with too many people. We do ask the occupants to disclose if they are healthy prior to any viewing.

At the end of the viewing we will anti bac the handles regardless of if you touched anything, it is better to be overly cautious in these times. We will also offer you some ant bac if you don’t have any. There is usually a gap in between viewings and all external doors will be kept open.

If you decide to go ahead with one of our properties we aim to leave at least 3 days in between the current people leaving and you moving in, again just to be on the safe side.

Here are some FAQ’s which you may have

What if I have a positive test prior to the viewing?

We would unfortunately cancel the viewing for the safety of us and the occupants of the property. We will look to book you back in once you have had a negative test.

What if the occupants test positive prior to the viewing?

Again we would have to cancel the viewings and would look to re-book the viewing once the occupants have had a negative test.

My viewing is in an apartment block?

We would anti bac the door handles in the communal area and if possible to keep a save distance we will take the stairs.

What if I get symptoms after the viewing?

Please get in touch with the office to inform us so we can let anyone else know who may have been exposed to the virus. If you could also let us know the result of the test.

What to expect when lockdown eases?

We will take all the government advice on board and formulate our strategy but I think we will keep social distancing measures in place, continue with masks and use of anti bac. We go by the saying better to be safe than sorry.

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