10 Tips to Help Sell Your Home in Medway Fast

If you need to sell your home fast but don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place! Here at Medway Premier Homes, we pride ourselves on our expert selling advice, from tips on how to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, to organising viewings, to the steps you need to take to ensure that prospective buyers feel safe buying your property; it’s all covered here. And our advice definitely doesn’t involve lowering your asking price!

1. Be ready to move quickly

If you want to sell your home in Medway fast, then chances are the people who are willing to buy your home quickly, will want to move in as soon as possible. This is not always the case, but it is better to be prepared than have to turn down a sale because you cannot move out quickly enough.

2. Carry out any vital maintenance work

It may just be a wire or two on show, or a small crack in the ceiling, but to potential buyers, it will just look like more work and more expense that they don’t want to have to deal with.

Therefore, it is vital that you go through your whole home looking for any maintenance work or repairs that need doing and that you either carry them out yourself, to a high standard, or you employ a professional to do them for you.

3. De-clutter your home

Not only can clutter make your home seem less appealing to buyers, but it will actively make your home appear smaller. Not what you want if you want to sell your home fast.

For that reason, make sure that you tidy up before any viewings; move magazines, books and other papers out of sight and put away any clothes, shoes or other belongings that are just sitting around your home gathering dust.

4. Be flexible with viewings

You may not want to show buyers around in the evening after a long day at work, but people may wish to view your property in the evenings and at the weekends.

You should also ensure that, if showing people around yourself, you are upbeat and friendly, regardless of how tired or worn out you are. Remember you are selling a product, your home, so you need to be as charismatic as possible.

5. Focus on kerb appeal

Obviously, you can’t change the outward appearance of your property too much, nor can you control what you neighbour’s properties look like. However, you can make the exterior of your home and your front garden or drive look as appealing as possible.

6. Make your home smell inviting

No, you don’t need to go as far as baking bread or homemade biscuits, but you can make your home smell better in other ways.

Firstly, if you smoke in your home, then stop immediately. Fling open the windows for a short time every day and let the fresh air in. This is also useful if you have pets as non-dog owners will always be able to detect a distinctive doggie smell!

7. Maintain your garden

Whether you have a large or small garden, it needs to look neat and tidy, as well as functional. Make sure you cut the grass, move any toys or other debris out of sight and try and have some sort of seating area so that potential buyers can visualise how they would use the garden.

8. Keep the colour scheme neutral

If you want to sell your home, then potential buyers need to be able to see themselves living there. They need to be able to visualise their furniture in your home. Therefore, it is important that you keep the colour scheme as neutral as possible.

Yes, it is just a coat of paint on the walls, but you will be surprised at the number of people who will be unable to see past this and will rule out your home because they don’t like your choice of colour scheme.

9. Show off your bedrooms

You need to ensure that each room is shown as what it is supposed to be, so if you are currently using your third bedroom as an office or a home gym, then you should consider changing it back into a bedroom.

10. Focus on the kitchen

If you have a limited budget but want to make a difference, then your focus should be on the kitchen as this is one of the most important rooms.

There is no need to install a completely new kitchen, but if yours is looking a little tired then you may want to replace the cupboard doors, the worktops or any cracked or broken tiles.

For no-obligation advice on buying or selling a home in Medway please contact our expert property team at Medway Premier Homes on 01634361245 or call in and see us. We look forward to seeing you.