Every week, we perform a large number of check-outsin Medway, and as you know, your check-out will play a significant role in determining what deductions will be taken from your deposit based on how you left your rental property. Most of the time, we see you wasting money on simple fixes that you can easily do yourself. It is always necessary to set aside time to ensure that these tasks are completed before moving.

With this in mind we thought we would put together a list of 6 Top Tips to assist you in getting your deposit back.

You must keep the property in the same condition that you found it in when you moved in. Cleaning the inside of the washing machine drawer, drum, and seal is included. Within the microwave. The oven is the item that everyone forgets to clean so would be worth opening the oven before you hand the keys back.

Fill any holes you've created if they weren't already there. If you did not obtain permission to redecorate, you must return the property to its original colours, or as close to them as possible. Repair anything you've broken. Replace any burned-out light bulbs!

Electrical devices.
It is important to turn off all electrical items. It would be a good idea to defrost the freezer, then turn it and the fridge off while leaving the doors open. Turn off the main power to the cooker.

Items That Aren't There
If you have lost/broken/binned any items that were originally in the property, make sure to replace them with a like for like alternative. You must always leave the property with everything you brought with you.

If you are staying in a furnished property, it is a good idea to return the furniture to its original location so that you do not confuse your agent and incur a charge for the replacement item.

Items to be discarded
If you didn't have it when you moved in, don't leave it! This includes garbage.

Be sure to return all keys, including any spares you cut yourself.

Failing that if you would ever like to discuss with us about having a pre check out inspection please email us