Top 10 tips to let your property quickly

You as a Landlord your initial aim is to have a paying tenant occupying their property as quickly as possible. Some properties only take a little time, however other properties could take a longer period to let out.

The main reason for this is the state of the property. Here are ten useful tips to help you get tenants for your property quickly:

1 - Ensure that the property is clean

This sounds like obvious advice, but it one of the best ways to make your property appeal more to potential tenants. Prospective tenants are often attracted to the kitchen first, so start the clean up from there and do not leave out the bathrooms too!

2 - De-Clutter

Potential tenants can be turned off by an untidy interior. Before you begin showing people around the property make sure things are tidied up, which will make the place appear bigger ready to move into.

3 - Improve your exterior

It’s not just enough to have an attractive and tidy interior. The outside is the first place potential tenants will see, and first impressions do count. Therefore ensure that the outside of your property is as appealing. To achieve this maybe tidy the garden and paint the doors to give them a new look.

4 - Repair outstanding issues

Nearly every potential tenant will be discouraged when they find out that the property is still undergoing some maintenance work. Do the necessary repairs such as screwing the door handle back in place, fixing that leak, replacing the sealant around the bath, and so on. You can locate your highly rated tradesmen by searching on

5 - Give the property some TLC

Doing a revamp of the paintwork and décor of a property isn’t expensive, yet it can upgrade its look significantly. Did you know that doing things such as putting colourful cushions on the sofas or towels in the bathroom make a big difference.

6 - Update furniture

Ensure that the furniture is up to the expected standard. Outdated or funny looking furniture is only going to be a turn-off. Improving the standard of your furniture can go a long way in helping to gain a higher rent, recent research shows you can get up to 21% extra rent for offering a furnished property.

7 - Add light

Everyone loves natural light. Ensure the curtains are open when prospective tenants come to view the property so that they have a good first impression about the place. For those who view in the evening, make sure all light bulbs are working perfectly. On top of letting light in another tip would be to put a few diffusers in the property to give it a nice warming scent.

8 - Let your agents do the viewings

If you’ve instructed a letting agent, use their professional service. Agents are often willing to help you carry out short notice viewings. Don’t pass on the opportunity by not handing them a key.

9 - Putting a board up

Another is to take advantage of having a ‘To Let’ board, usually apart of the letting agents service. With all the options available from technological innovations, a good old-fashioned board is still worth its weight in gold.

10 - Make sure your current tenant is happy

If you are advertising your property while the current tenant is still living there, ensure that you notify them at least 24 hours ahead of a viewing (In your tenancy agreement it should state you need to give tenants at least 24 hours notice). You wouldn’t want a situation where the tenants point out un-repaired work, this will be extremley off-putting for the potential tenants. Maintain a healthy relationship with your current tenants.

We hope our guide is helpful in assisting you in achieving one of your landlord goals to find tenants for your property quickly. By implementing some or all of these tips you should be able to command a higher rent. By giving your property some TLC every so often pays off in more ways than one.