How to rent guide update

The latest update was issued in December 2020, this important document was updated without informing anyone. If you don’t know it is intended to help tenants understand their rights and responsibilities when finding a home in the private rented sector.

This is an important development for all landlords and letting agents in England as there is a requirement to provide tenants with certain prescribed information including a copy of the latest How to Rent booklet. Failure to do so and you may be unable to evict your tenant using a Section 21 Notice of Seeking Possession.

For any new ‘renewal’ tenancies, the How to Rent booklet does not need to be provided again unless it has been updated in the meantime. If it has been updated, the current version must be provided, otherwise a subsequent Section 21 notice is not valid.

What we do to record this additional information required along with other prescribed legal requirements, such as EPC, gas safety etc. We get our tenants to sign a ‘required document checklist’ we provide this at the time of the tenancy agreement being signed by all parties.

Here is a link to the web page where the latest guide is held.

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