Moved into a rental property in Medway and not quite sure how to approach the decor and design of it?

The good news is that there’s plenty you can do to spruce up your rental home without needing to invest too much. Just because you’re not ready to buy yet doesn’t mean that your Pinterest home decor board should lie ignored! There’s a lot you can do without needing to consult your landlord.

Below, we’ve put together some easy and inspirational ideas to help you decorate your Medway rental property:

Start by setting a budget

As it’s a rental property that you’re decorating, we appreciate that you may not want to invest a considerable amount of money on furniture and fixtures. So the very first step in your process should be the boring but essential one of setting a budget.

Work out how many rooms you need to work on and gather all the necessary measurements. Make a list of the essential pieces that you’d like for each room, and you’ll get a good idea of the potential cost involved. Although you can always take your time looking for bargains online to cut costs.

Remember, it doesn’t all need to be done at once!

Find out from your landlord whether you can do anything with the walls

One of the simplest ways to put your personal touch to a property is by sprucing it up with a fresh lick of paint or your favourite wallpaper. If you’re renting, you need to consult with your landlord before doing this.

Now, some landlords may see you sprucing up the walls as a positive, as it potentially adds value to their property without them needing to do anything. Others may be more hesitant as they may want to keep the property more neutral looking or may worry about potential damage. Look into removable peel and stick wallpaper that won’t leave any sign that it was there.

Once you’ve got the all clear, consider creating an immediate impact in your main living room or bedroom with a statement wall. It also requires less effort as you only need to paint one wall!

Add colour and style with indoor plants

House plants are all the rage these days – see every single Instagram #homedecor post out there! Adding some greenery to your home is also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate your rental property without offending your landlord.

Another benefit to some indoor green? Plants purify the air and are known to have mood-boosting properties! If you don’t have much time to care for them, invest in succulents such as Aloe Vera that are low-maintenance but still look great.

Light it up

Lighting goes a long way in changing the look and ambience of any room. Create a vibe you love in your rental home with your lighting choices. It’s easily and cheaply done.

Add some lamps and create yourself a more homely space and highlight specific areas in the room. You can also switch lightbulbs in your overhead lights to create a warmer space.

Personalise your Medway rental home with photography and art

Want to add your stamp to your rental home without getting on the wrong side of your landlord (or your deposit)? Display cool art pieces and photos of your loved ones around the place. There are plenty of great online art websites and local art fairs that offer a range of affordable prints to choose from.

Before you start hanging things up on the wall, check whether your landlord is happy for you to do this using picture hooks that don’t leave much of a mark. Otherwise, you can always use shelving and side tables to display art and photos to your heart’s desire.

The best part about investing in photography and art for your rental home is that of course, you can take it all with you when you leave. Consider it a long-term investment.

Open up small spaces with the use of a mirror

Renting a tiny property? Create the illusion of space with a simple addition – a mirror or two!

Mirrors can instantly make a small space feel lighter and larger. There are many affordable and stylish options to be found online. You could even create a statement wall with an array of mirrors hung up together in an artistic way. And you can always creatively prop up a large mirror against a wall if your landlord doesn’t want anything hung up.

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