In the heart of the Medway Towns is Chatham -which is a diverse maritime destination that is steeped in history stretching back more than 400 years.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham, where our office is was the birthplace of many famous ships including Nelson's flagship HMS Victory. The dockyard was once one of the most important naval dockyards in the country. We would recommend visiting the dockyard to learn more about the docks and a chance to see some of the ships in the flesh.

Out of all the towns in Medway, Chatham has the largest town centre for shopping in Medway. It has a fully pedestrianised High Street and the Pentagon Shopping Centre where many leading brand name stores can be found. Chatham is the main transport hub with most of Medway's bus routes passing through Chatham's waterfront bus station and the railway station is a short walk from the High Street.

Much of Chatham is overlooked by Fort Amherst. This is Britain's best example of a Napoleonic Fortress and is of international historical importance, built to protect the former Royal Dockyard at Chatham from a land-based attack.

There is a lot of regeneration happening in Chatham with a large project in place on the Chatham Waterfront which will completely change the area. 

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