We offer our Landlords 24/7 access to our landlord portal to check the current status of their property including maintenance and rent. The portal gives you full access to the management of your property portfolio.

The portal is accessed via a login, which we will set-up for you once we have let your property out.

Here is the full functionality of the portal:

  • Choose Property - one portal for your complete property portfolio with us.
  • Summary - property addresses, photos and text.
  • Key Dates - tenancy start, end, inspection dates for every tenancy.
  • Calendar - all the dates in a calendar view - you can add your own events (away, holiday etc)
  • Maintenance - list and optionally approve maintenance jobs.
  • Statements - generate a statement for each property or the collective portfolio.
  • Messages - allows you to communicate with us.
Login to Landlord Portal